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Atmosphere: Wind 

500 copies

192 pages
16cm × 11.2cm
section sewn binding

The third issue of Atmosphere project.

The entire book is made of light paper and is divided into three parts according to the wind: light wind (encounter), wind (invitation), and wind (collection). The contents include paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, music scores, installations, etc. to "feel the wind" from different angles. Chen Chenchen is specially invited to hand-write the page numbers and chapter titles for the whole book, freely running through each page, with a "windmill" tutorial. This is also the Atmosphere project, most involved the author of a book.

夢廠 DREAMER FTY 于2015年开始的“气象”纸上策展系列,在《虹》、《雾》之后迎来了《风》。整本书选用轻薄纸张,根据风力的大小将内容分为三个部分:轻风(偶遇)、和风(邀请)、清风(收集)。