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80 copies
printed by g***d press

531 Miaomiao 苗妙

64 pages
14cm × 18.5cm
coil binding

$32 (sold out)


《缅甸》是DREAMER FTY 夢厰和艺术家合作的最新出版物,使用Riso印刷,透明线圈装订,内含多处手工惊喜,欢迎来发现《缅甸》的秘密。

531: "When I went there, it’s the first place; when I came back, it became the second place. I painted the third place and printed the fourth place. By that I mean, the Burma I went, there are many of them.

Burma is the latest publication of the collaboration between DREAMER FTY and artists. It is printed by Risograph , bound by transparent coils, filled with handmade surprises. Welcome to discover the secrets in Burma.