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dao chu zouzou 
100 copies

artist: Yijie Huang 毛病儿
editor: Dan Yang

200 pages
80mm × 80mmm

* including a pencil

¥99  / $17 

* 2nd Edition

"Walk Around" started with an adventure, an ornithology doctor accidentally reunited on a remote beach with a bird he rescued years ago. The author Yijie Huang has drawn more than 300 penciled drawings on a square of white notepaper: an apple falling suddenly in a crossroad, a woman sitting and drinking alone in the street , a sanitation worker witnessing a car accident, dogs crowding around a cook, a man lighting a cigarette in a window that looks exactly the same in the city...

“Walk Around" is a little book without any intention. It carefully preserves the occasional moments in the lives of Yijie Huang, the unrelatable atmosphere and mood, the insouciance and idling, the adult and the child, the twilight and the dawn. It invites you to feel and walk with her when you open the book.