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Atmosphere: Fog 气象:雾

夢廠 DREAMER FTY提出的「气象」纸上策展项目,从2015年的「虹」到2018年的「雾」,夢廠与最初就参与过DREAMER出版的9位艺术家朋友共同完成了这本不可名状、「雾里看花」的新书。

The second issue of Atmosphere project.

DREAMER FTY worked together with 9 artists who have participated in DREAMER’s early publication. Taking advantage of this opportunity, artists were able to talk about the changes in their life and art creation again like old friends.

In China, there is an idiom called “Seeing flowers in the fog”.

bini, Che Zhe, Ding Cheng, Nie Xiaoyi + Huang Leilei, Vivian Qin, Wang Yuyan, Ye Xuan, Luka Yang, Zhang Ruyu
bini / 陈哲 / 丁澂 / 聂小依+黄雷蕾 / 覃小诗 / 王裕言 / 叶轩 / 杨圆圆 / 张如愚

Atmosphere: Fog

$ 18.00

date: 2018
page: 40pages
size: 370mm*265mm
binding: folding without binding
numbers: 500

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